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We now have a NEW website and blog located at www.HeroinSupport.org that we hope you will follow us there.  Our new website will have stories of recovery, addiction, memorial tributes and much more.  Below are some of new blogs posts on our new website.


There is no hell quite like the hell of watching HEROIN change somebody you love into somebody you don’t even know.  How many of you have lived through the hell of watching the disease of addiction destroy an addict’s life and the lives of those around them?  I am sure most of our readers have been down this road of hell with your addict as they fought or continue to fight this disease that has totally consumed their mental and physical health and also that of those around them.” read more by clicking the image below.


I wish it wasn’t me who was writing this blog. I really wish it wasn’t. I wish I wasn’t handpicked because I have one of the “best handles” on this subject. I wish I wasn’t “qualified” to speak on the heroin epidemic that is a growing problem nationwide. I wish I wasn’t a member of a community no one really wants to be a part of. No one ever says to themselves while reading articles like mine, “I wish I could relate to this.”  But I am. I am the non-addict who knows all too well what it’s like to have an addict in the family.” read more by clicking the image below.


To My Son’s Heroin Dealer:  I want to explain the desolation and ruin you left behind because of your greed and complete disregard for human life…unless they had money for heroin. You were supposed to be his friend. What does it feel like knowing you were the one who sold my son his fatal dose of heroin? How do you live with yourself?” read more by clicking the image below.


Memorial Tributes Submitted By Family & Friends

2015/02/23 – Alisha Lemaire – Age 22 yrs – Mesa, Arizona
Submitted by: Christina Lemaire – Parent
Name: Alisha Lemaire
State:  Arizona, 85209
Date of Passing: 02/23/2015
Date of Birth: 07/25/1992
Age: 22
read more by clicking the image below.


Check out our memorial map with a list of loved ones who have lost their battle to the disease of addiction.  If you have a loved one that you would like to share with us you can submit it here.


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Stigma of Heroin Addiction

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Dealers Don’t Care

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-The drug dealers don't care if you die


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Sobriety isn't about stopping, sobriety

Jail vs. Treatment

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